Automation Happy Hour

ChatOps, Auto-Remediation & More 

StackStorm's Automation Happy Hour is a chance to ask StackStorm engineers questions about event driven automation, DevOps, ChatOps, ST2 platform, or anything else you can think of!

Friday, January 22 10:00 AM PST (California)

Live Video Stream

Delivered through a live Google Hangout, this live online event is an opportunity to learn about event-driven automation from the industry's foremost experts. Find out how StackStorm makes many of the things DevOps could previously only dream to have, possible. Bring your questions, problems, issues, and ideas to discuss them with us live.

Patrick Hoolboom


James Fryman is an Information Technologist who builds, designs, curates, and evangelizes automation in all layers of the IT stack. He is a frequent speaker on the topic of automation at conferences throughout the world.

Patrick Hoolboom - StackStorm

James White


James does Security Operations at GitHub and is the author of the James White Manifesto
“There is one system, not a collection of systems.”

Patrick Hoolboom


Manas is one of the key developers on the StackStorm team who has previously worked at VMware as a member of the vSphere client team and VMware NSX-vSphere management products with a primary focus on management of L2 in a virtualized network.

Patrick Hoolboom - StackStorm

Sally Lehman


Sally previously ran email ops at GitHub and now has a similar role at GoDaddy.  She bills herself as "bit flipper and three-quarter-stack developer & self-appointed savior of bad SPF records." ;)

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